Demo Update Log

Thanks to some amazing feedback (and consequently me bumping into more things while reproducing reported issues) I have a new update available!

  • Bug fix where Meat Vendor Blood Cost was scaling, high enough level would be guaranteed death
  • Fix for errors sometimes occurring during non-combat death (somewhat related to reproducing the above)
  • Straw-Berry may now only join the party once as per originally intended (oops)
  • Spelling error fix (Compose -> Compost)
  • Healing by Resting in a Street Garden increased by 50%
  • When Dominique finds the PUB text indicating that's the case is displayed (as opposed to choices given with no context)
  • Fixed a case where the game may get stuck if too many party members are acquired
  • Fixed a case where the game may get stuck if Death gets involved, a very meta fix
  • Fixed PlayFab name sometimes being invalid for no discernible reason

I'm effectively working on two projects for Read Play Game at the moment, the WebGL demo available to play through browser and the Standalone version that will be the "Release" version with a bunch more content. I'll keep the demo updated with nice things (improved perk selection come to mind) but otherwise I'm hoping to focus on Standalone.

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Version 4 Sep 10, 2020

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