Game Updated! (version 1.0.3, so fancy)

Welcome to Read Play Game's fancy 1.0.3 update!

It started off as a simple bug investigation and fix and naturally I went and added new things and found more bugs, sooooo on with the list! This is all for the "Full Version", none of it is relevant to the demo. Except that campfire thing, so enjoy your overpowered campfires at high levels there.

  • Two new Quests added
  • Two new Perks added
  • Choosing to sit back and relax while Left and Right duke it out with Right winning (it's organically random) will no longer result in an error
  • Street Level 7+ will now appear correctly
  • Duplicate clue descriptions when inspecting the protagonist... are now singular in description!
  • Pained Urgency no longer provides the bonus to the enemy doing the attacking (oops!)
  • Pained Urgency now appropriately clears upon the start of the combat turn (oops again! I guess I.. urgently... with great pain... rushed that one)
  • Campfire Healing now scales appropriately for Health (it was too much!)

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Version 1.0.3 Nov 20, 2020

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