Demo Update: Post Story Quest-Summary

Hello! Thank you for reading my dev log!

Earlier this morning I was cranking away at new content for the non-demo version of the game and had inspiration both from demo feedback and my repeated play-testing of new content for a new feature. It's a lil' one, but I feel it helps keep even death positive by reinforcing the progress made for various quests (of which I've added quite a few).

Given that the feature seemed as appropriate for the demo as it would be for the version with even-more-quests, I've decided to update the demo this afternoon with it! The very small complete bullet-pointed list of updates for the demo:

  • New Feature: Post Story Quest-Summary
  • Lacerated fix: Lacerate can only be applied once per source (but multiple sources may still apply multiple lacerates)

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Version 8 Oct 05, 2020

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