Tiny Demo Update

Adding a Protagonist and additional opponents to the "Full Release" I've decided to pull over some tweaking to the Demo!

  • Royal's special Combat Ability now restores double the Energy (now 4 un-modified)
  • Dominique's special Combat Ability now deals 300% Power Damage to enemies, unmodified against themselves (up from 200%)

Short'n sweet.

I've also modified my development plan, I'm going to lower the scope of the non-demo version and start working on Game Number 2 earlier. I put together some thoughts and a couple prototypes for it last week and I'm getting quite excited about it! I've learned a lot from Read Play Game, and I'm doing to release the non-demo version as in development, taking breaks from Game Number 2 (quite a bit larger in scope, and it has more than text! so... it will take some time) to continue to add to that non-demo version.


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Version 7 Sep 28, 2020

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