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Welcome to my most important Dev Log to date!

Today I've flipped the digital switch and made Read Play Game publicly available, a taste of the game is still available in the demo but now the Full Version can be purchased for a small fee. I've updated the itch page to indicate what kind of extras can be found in this version, though the benefits don't stop there!

  • Windows Screen Support (Full Screen or Windowed! This wasn't terribly relevant with the browser embedded demo)
    • I submitted a screenshot as proof. It works, for reals!
  • Additional content that doesn't necessarily fall into the reward categories, lots of alternative words may be displayed for various things
    • That said, things that do fall under that category have some fairly unique traits (like the secret unlockable protagonist that can equip 5 perks!)
  • Bug Fixing support for me! I didn't want to pester anyone to dig for logs if they run into issues, so the raw errors get dumped into a Discord channel for me
    • They're terribly boring, just reproduction steps and other helpful info when bad things happen. To ease any minds, there is zero personally identifiable info sent, I don't even grab any PC/Device info (which could make some bugs tricker to reproduce but hey, the game is pretty simple from a display perspective, I don't predict a lot of hardware issues ha)
  • Cloud Saving between Demo and Full Version!
    • I, personally, have nothing to do with your Cloud Account by the way, while we're talking about personal information - that's entirely between you and Microsoft's Playfab service
    • So feel free to use a spam email account, or a fake one, I don't care - though by using a fake one you won't be able to retrieve your password if you forget it
    • Speaking of passwords, by design there's no way of taking anything away from an account (rewards can only be added), so if you use a very insecure password (like, ... "password") because it's easy for you to remember, go for it, I'm not your parent, do what you want
      • If I am your parent, sup kids, you found my dev logs on itch! :D
      • Insecure passwords aren't recommended for anything else on the internet
  • Epic Quests
    • Like Quests, but... epic, need to explore the words I typed quite a bit for those sweet, sweet rewards

If you're still reading, thank you so much for your interest, I hope you found some joy in the demo (or the full version, if you've downloaded it!)

Ah, and something I've discovered, Unity (what I used to make Read Play Game) by default will potentially trigger a warning running in Windows 10 if downloading the raw files, unzipping, and running. It didn't on my machine, but it did on some friends. So! If you're nervous, I'm sorry, the Microsoft certification process takes weeks and would need to be repeated every time I updated the game - which is something I plan on doing on a regular basis (even while working on Mystery Game #2) - so I'm not likely to take that step.

Thus I highly recommend if deciding to purchase the full version to also download and install the Itch App, I really quite enjoy it myself, played a bunch of games without windows ever getting upset. It automatically catches any updates (no need to manually re-download!), it's super lightweight, and really if playing anything on itch I feel it's the way to go.


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Version 12 Nov 15, 2020
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Version 1.0.2 Nov 15, 2020

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