Welcome to my weird text adventure game (featuring turn-based combat)! If visiting from a browser please feel free to try the demo above! If viewing from the itch app (which is fantastic by the way) you can copy/paste the URL to a browser to give the demo a try.

What's this game about? What will you be doing?! To start select a Story, Protagonist, and (once collected) up to 3 Perks. After that your tale begins, your choices will be provided for you every step of the way depending on either those starting conditions or previous choices. Your protagonist will very likely meet an unfortunate end (death is the most likely outcome of most tales), but that's okay! You'll also be receiving quests along your journey, and progress made in those quests continue between all those fantastic (probably short) tales you'll spin.

Here's what the Demo will have to offer and bonuses added for the full version


  • Arena of Doom
    • Earn Fame to be offered the choice of more fearsome and powerful opponents
    • Select Boons to assist you on the successful dispatching of an opponent
    • How much fame will your protagonist achieve before they finish their tale?
    • Full Version Bonus: Defeat the arena to earn a perk that unlocks an entirely new Arena if equipped
  • Adventure
    • Wander a narrated world and earn Experience, perhaps enough to level up your protagonist allowing them to tackle more dangerous scenarios
    • Two themed areas are available within the Demo
      • Flowered Plains: Enjoy a frolic within a fairly predictable environment
      • Town of Twisted Streets: Explore this labyrinth of a town featuring largely randomized encounters
    • Full Version Bonus: Many Quests (thus rewards) and encounters added!


  • Royal
    • An aspiring economist that can find a deal in the oddest places
    • Initial combat ability allows Royal to recover Energy
  • Dominique
    • Prefers to solve problems as directly as possible
    • Initial combat ability deals significant damage... to the foe, at the cost of a bit of recoil
    • Unlocked through play, a secret third protagonist
    • Full Version Bonus: An additional two secret unlockable protagonists!

Perks, Quests, Fonts, and Themes

  • Demo:
    • 15 game-changing Perks may be earned and applied at the start of new tales
    • 9 Fonts to customize your reading experience may be unlocked through play
    • 4 Themes can be discovered
    • 18 Quests can be discovered and completed, providing a variety of permanent rewards 
  • Full Version Bonus: More of everything except fonts (for right now) - I plan on continuing to support the game, you can find the most up-to-date total numbers of things to collect within the game itself!

All feedback and comments are encouraged, please be welcome to leave them here. If you'd like a more real-time back-and-forth I've put together a discord server that anyone reading this is invited to! (I'm just a human with one set of functioning organs that occasionally require rest or otherwise gets distracted, I promise to check it daily but not how often I'll check per day)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBlake Gilroy
GenreRole Playing
Made withPaint.net, Unity
TagsExperimental, Narrative, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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read-play-game-win32-full.zip 30 MB
Version 1.0.3

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(i think) I am the only one still playing the demo version

y'know what, you may be right 😅

(1 edit) (+1)

Great game 9.9999999999/10 I beat the dragon

also i got so much fans i can't see my main hero

Awww thank you! <3

Haha , the fans loved you enough to break the UI (whoops, that'll be my bad) - I've made the game free to download, maybe relevant info if you'd like to use the Arena perk (or Dragon!) in the PC Standalone via cloud save to take on the Grand Arena

thanks i will be maybe doing adventure with dragon

(also i found a easy way to beat dragon with a pan)